6 Ways We Learned to Frugally Wow Our Family On Christmas

By | December 4, 2015

Christmas morning comes with a lot of expectations from kids and the family. The way you present the gifts and prepare for the day can make a big difference. Often, kids are meant to believe that Christmas morning comes with the greatest, biggest gifts. Parents need to determine whether their children appreciate and are happy for whatever they receive on Christmas morning. One big problem is that children tend to react to what they are offered rather than how much you have spent or what types of gifts you give them. These six tips can help frugally wow the family during Christmas.

Identify what low-end gifts your kids love
Expensive gifts may not necessarily be the ones that can make the kids happy. There are low-priced gifts that can put a smile on your kid’s face. You have to learn what your kids like and within those lines, get them something cheap, but which will spice up their Christmas morning and create the mood for celebration and happiness.

Make it a little different this time
The other days you have been taking your children to the Disneyland-like experience. However, this could be costly and since you are striving to keep the cost down, you can change things a bit. Make the kids understand that you need to change things for a cause.

The family wants to be debt-free, ergo, you need to save some money, but still have fun. You can consider having fun cooking by the yard that day and each of the kids have their turn to prepare food or a meal. Offer to teach them a recipe they love and lead the way to celebration as you cook in the yard.

Suggest to serve others
Christmas is a fun moment but also time to share experiences with others. You can suggest to your family that you will not go ransacking stores for gifts but visit a church to help prepare for feeding the homeless. The family with spend time decorating tables in the church, peeling potatoes, and wrapping donated toys that are to be offered to children.

Invite the best family friends and host a Santa Claus moment
A home Christmas program where one of the kids dresses up as Santa Clause can be a perfect gesture. Having great times with friends at home would be a rewarding experience. Find something that the family and friends can do together that is free, fun, and exciting. It will make the experience priceless, memorable, and meaningful while also saving a lot on spending. Offer your gifts to the friends and of course, they will offer theirs too.

Arrange for a potluck Christmas recipe
You don’t have to drive to the city streets because you could end up being tempted to drop in one of the restaurants for a treat. What about organizing a Christmas potluck recipe right by the yard? The neighbors can join you with their recipe to have fun, as you prepare your favorite dishes using the ingredients available. It also offers a chance for the family and friends to showcase their cooking tips and ideas. What a great way to spend your Christmas without hurting your finances!

Make up for gifting with homemade gifts
Making gifts to offer to your friends at a Christmas party can be a good way to entice the family to spend less. You can’t buy all the gifts at the store, but you can embrace creativity and cut back on cost. Homemade gifts can add to the little formalized gifts you bought at shops. You can suggest making baked goods such as cookies or squares and adding a few things then packing to wrap them.