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About Us

Welcome everyone, to Elizabeth Thomas’s mommy blog! At the current age of 46, I have 16 years of mommy experience! Happily married for 24 years, it’s been full of ups and downs and we wouldn’t change a thing. 4 kids, 1 grand kids, and a lifetime of memories. Most would think it’s weird for a pair of mid 40 year old’s to start such a modern adventure, but being a pair of weirdos is nothing new to us. We are both retired now, but have a lifetime of jobs and financial struggles to share. After almost two decades of having kids, we finally know what we’re doing! Only after two have moved out, but I think we did well up to this point!


About the Blog

I started this blog for a few reasons.

  1. Share our life stories and our short lifetime of wisdom.
  2. To keep up with this ever involving world and technology.
  3. I have too much time on our hands.

As 40 year old’s, I don’t think we are suppose to admit this.. but we don’t know everything and we are not perfect and never will be. With that said, we have been through a lot after 40 decades on this earth. Back in the day, you had to learn lessons the hard way and from your peers and elders. We didn’t have all of these unlimited sources to tap into. So we wanted to share with others what we never had and wanted to get involve with this movement called “the internet”.