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Top Surprising Successful Businesses of Our Generation

Business has changed drastically in the past two decades. Before the 2000s, it was expected that you had to go to school, possibly as far as getting your Master’s degree and higher. However, the increase in technological development in the 2000’s has paved the path for unexpected businesses to thrive. Let’s look at five businesses… Read More »

How Debt Builds Up In The Shadows

A majority of people spend a better part of their life servicing debts because they can’t figure out how to eliminate or reduce them. Debts are part of the financial life and therefore, the best thing is to know how to control and manage them. When your state of indebtedness becomes overwhelming, you are destined… Read More »

How We Want To Increase Our Income After Retirement

How to Increase Your Income after Retirement After retirement, it can easily be seen by any individual that it is extremely difficult to live off of Social Security and personal savings. Senior citizens want to be able to travel, buy gifts or enjoy a quality lifestyle but this cannot be done on retirement alone. Below… Read More »

6 Things We Want To Do Before Retiring

After working tirelessly for over 30 years, the dawn of retirement starts glowing. You start looking at your finances, wealth, assets, earnings, and retirement kit, and you realize that you haven’t done enough. The years you worked should have set the path to financially free yourself from the qualms that come with old age. While… Read More »

5 Signs We Missed Before Financial Disaster

It’s common that we put our heads in the sand so that we avoid facing reality of situations. You may be having great time with all fun and fancy lifestyle, but what you may not know is that you could end up in a disaster in finances. When you think about the money you make,… Read More »

Why Only One of Us Went to College

After meeting my wife at an early age, we decided to get married fairly quickly. We were ready, despite being younger than college age. Back in the day, it was common for individuals to marry young and start a family. The husband went to work and the wife stayed home to take care of the… Read More »

The Toughest Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

When you are married, you will face many challenges. It is much easier to get divorced than to stay married. Marriage requires work that many are not interested in doing. Along the way, you must learn about sacrifice, commitment, anger, frustration and a host of other emotions. If you are not prepared, your marriage can… Read More »

Our top 6 Wise Lessons We Have Learned In Life

As a couple, being married for decades, gives us insight into what works and what does not work in marriage as well as in life. As a young person, it is easy to think you know everything. However, with age comes wisdom and you soon learn that you really knew nothing at all. That is… Read More »

How we met back in the 80’s in our 20’s

Individuals in their 20’s are usually looking for a good time and not someone to marry. Back in the 80’s I met my future husband and had no idea that my life was about to change. As a young girl fresh out of high school, enjoying college, I had no idea when I met John… Read More »