Our top 6 Wise Lessons We Have Learned In Life

By | September 11, 2015

As a couple, being married for decades, gives us insight into what works and what does not work in marriage as well as in life. As a young person, it is easy to think you know everything. However, with age comes wisdom and you soon learn that you really knew nothing at all. That is why elders are so important to the community as we can teach the younger generation from our own mistakes. During our many decades of marriage, we have learned a little bit about life that we would like to share. Below are six wise lessons we want to share with the younger generation.

Being Honest
As a couple, you must be honest with each other. Never lie. When you are honest with each other, you have trust which is hard to come by. When you feel the need to lie, consider why you feel this way. Telling the truth will give your partner the trust they need as well as allow you to trust your partner.

Stay Connected
Over the years it can be easy to become disconnected with your partner. You can easily become roommates rather than lovers. Remember to stay connected. Talk to each other every day about what took place at work or at home. Stay interested in the activities and interests of your loved one, allowing them to express ideas and notions. When your partner feels connected to you, your love can only grow over time.

Give 100%
Always give 100% to your partner. When you feel like you are slacking, step up your game. You want to give your partner attention, time and affection. The longer you are married, the easier it is to slack on the affection and attention you gave your partner previously. Children, work and daily stresses get in the way. Be sure to take time to do nice gestures for your partner, showing them you love and care about their well-being. This could be as easy as washing dishes or giving a foot rub at the end of the day. It is the little things that show you truly care.

It is important to learn how to manage finances early on in a marriage. You both need to be on the same page with financial goals, spending and saving. In most marriages, there is a spender and a saver. If you can find a healthy balance between the two, you will have a secure financial future, with minimal worries over the money you share. Many problems in a marriage can stem from finances, so getting a handle on them early will help to avoid any issues.

Learn to Let GO
Holding grudges is never good, especially in a marriage. If something bothers you, get it out in the open, then let it go. State how you feel and then move on. When you hold on to hurt and frustration, it can only bring about more hurt and frustration. Learn how to let your partner know how you feel when something bothers you. Talk it out calmly and then let it go.

Be consistent. Show your partner that you care each and every day. When you make a routine that can benefit your partner, you will only have love and happiness for many years to come. When you find yourself slacking in your relationship, make changes. By being aware of your relationship each day, you will be giving your partner the time and attention they need, receiving the benefits as your relationship continues to grow and mature.

Take our tips into consideration to have a happy and healthy marriage. It takes time and effort, but you will find the outcome is well worth it!