Top responsibilities we want to teach our grand kids

By | September 24, 2015

Being grandparents is wonderful. We are able to enjoy our children’s children, having fun and then send them back home! It is amazing to get to see our children as parents and spend time with the little ones’ coloring, watching movies and baking. We love spending time with our grandchildren, spoiling them whenever we can. But it is also our goal to teach them responsibility. We strive to give our grandchildren the foundation needed to be a responsible and productive adult. As older citizens, we feel that we have the wisdom needed to teach the younger generation to do and be better.

Honesty is a quality that everyone should possess though it can be a hard responsibility to bear. It is important for us to teach the grandchildren to be honest. If we catch them in a small lie, we explain why it is not a good idea to lie and how it can affect the other person. We want our grandchildren to be honest with themselves as well as family and friends, practicing good habits from an early age.

Work Ethic
A strong work ethic is a great characteristic to have. Every adult needs to be responsible and do a good job no matter what position of employment they hold. As grandparents, we explain to our grandchildren that working hard is their responsibility. Every day, no matter the chore or activity, we strive to teach the kiddos to do their very best. Working hard pays off and we want our grandchildren to strive to do their very best no matter what they are doing.

Being kind is something that everyone should practice. Every individual deserves kindness, though they do not all receive it or give it. Our job as grandparents is to promote being kind and to teach our grandchildren that no one person is better than the other. By being kind ourselves, we can show our grandchildren how to treat other people from an early age. This treatment will then carry on and serve them well during adulthood.

It is also important to be compassionate. Showing compassion to your fellow man is a responsibility that everyone must adhere to here. Even if you do not understand a situation or know how to help, by simply listening and trying to make the person feel better is a plus. Many people in today’s society do not show compassion. We want to teach our grandchildren how to serve their fellow man and feel something when others are affected by tragedy or heartbreak.

We can only do so much for our grandchildren. The short time we have with them, we hope that we can be a strong example to help them learn how to be upstanding adults. By showing kindness, compassion, strength and a strong work ethic, we hope to install quality values and responsibilities that our grandchildren will remember for years to come. If you are grandparents, take care to be a shining example, an individual that your grandchild can look up to and admire.