Why Only One of Us Went to College

By | September 29, 2015

After meeting my wife at an early age, we decided to get married fairly quickly. We were ready, despite being younger than college age. Back in the day, it was common for individuals to marry young and start a family. The husband went to work and the wife stayed home to take care of the children. This was the way of the world. Today’s society is much different and families consist of a variety of individuals from men who stay home, work from home spouses, both working parents, etc. Every family is different and this is what makes the world so wonderful.

For me and my wife, it was important for her to have a college education. I was educated in a trade, so I could go straight to work. My wife loves to learn and wanted to have a family but also a career. I encouraged her drive and ambition as she headed off to college soon after we married. Many asked why I was okay with her going to college and not me, especially men during the 1970s, when we first married.

I was certainly okay with my wife doing whatever she liked. I wanted her to be fulfilled in her career just as I would be in mine. I knew it would be hard but I was willing to cook my own meals and work to pay for her college. It was hard living off one salary plus paying for her education but it was worth it. She was able to get her degree and work in the educational field, feeling satisfied with herself and meeting her goals in life.

If I have learned one thing about getting married it is to support each other. Never feel that you should look down upon your spouse for any reason. So what, my wife wanted to go to college when most wives were having babies and staying home? So what that she has a career that provides more income for our family than I do? I am fulfilled in my own way and love my wife. We have found a happy balance that works for us, but may not work for some.

By being open and honest with your partner, you can have a quality marriage that will last a lifetime. Listen less to what others think and lean more towards each other and your own goals and inspirations. You will find your life is much happier and satisfying in the long run!